Pulsus for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch is here!   If you're looking for the online game, it's over this way.


Pulsus is a dynamic puzzle game. Explore a beautiful, flowing system of particles and learn to manipulate it with different objects to complete goals.

Move slowly through the game to enjoy the evolving forms of particles or quickly to get your best scores.

Building on the award winning flash game (online at pulsusgame.com), Pulsus for iPad takes the creative game mechanics to a new level of refinement, creating a mesmerizing visual and aural experience.

Game Screenshots:

How To Play

Drag objects from the bin in the bottom left and place them to push particles into the goal.

Explore the effects of new objects to solve more complex puzzles.

Complete levels quicker for better scores.

Credits & Colophon

Pulsus was designed and developed by Anthony Mattox.

Thanks to Jason Corace, Jason Sloan, Andy Mangold, Dai Foldes, and Dave Fong for testing and advice.

Designed on a Mac with Adobe Illustrator. Developed in Xcode. Sounds created with Ableton Live and Adobe Soundbooth.

Type set in Apex Sans by Thirstype.

Original game created in Adobe Flash Pro and designed in Illustrator, with sounds developed using Pure Data and Audacity.

If you like Pulsus, thanks for your support. Tell your friends about it. The better it does, the more time I‘ll have to expand it and develop new games for more devices.